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 For Helpers, The Healers and Cultivators of Hope 

Cohort 06 
March 20, 2022 to November 2, 2022
Enrolment Open
A remarkable journey into the heart of SELF, an encounter with the heart of your humanity


 For Helpers, The Healers and Cultivators of Hope 

Cohort 09 

Enrolment Open

A remarkable journey into the heart of SELF, an encounter with the heart of your humanity
Currently we are witnessing an international movement to bring Self Care, as a prevention practice, into healthcare. COVID19  expanded the importance of this and the impact of Climate Distress makes it a front and central issue of population wellbeing.  This is a specialized course for health and wellbeing providers, advocate and activists for their own wellbeing and that of the people they care for.
WHO defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”
8 months training +
4 day immersion
Hybrid Format
Remote Live Calls +
In Person Immersion
Hybrid Format
Remote Live Calls +
In Person Immersion
In this training, you will learn:
  • Learn how to guide WOW Self Care's Roadmap - A Powerful social determinants to health approach to life connection
  • Health Literacy essentials
  • Emergency Self Care Planning & Recovery
  • Breathing to Calm Self Soothing approach
  • The Language of Communal Story to help create powerful connections with self and health
  • Somatic techniques for embodied awareness
  • The 8 pillars of Self Care
  • Self Care Research and knowledge
  • Psychological Safety 
  • Getting to know your inner world
  • Facilitation skills that promote an open environment for group sharing
  • Expressive arts activities for Self Care therapy
  • Competency standards: what a Self Care Licensee should know and be able to do
  • Tips for successfully promoting your Self Care offerings

The training is designed in a way that will gently guide you through all the steps and processes to integrate and deepen the learning in your head and in your body. Upon completion of this course you will be able to successfully guide Self Care within the framework of WOW Self Care School's Licensee certification training.

Schedule for Live Events

To access the detailed schedule please download below. Note: A sperate schedule for the immersion will be released nearer to the event.
For your local time check here
2024 Schedule

What is Included in the Training?

Download WOW Self Care School Curriculum


The tuition for the eight month core training program is $2200 AUD. 

The tuition for the four-day immersion is $495. The immersion is an experiential Emergency Self Care scenario. The May 2023 scenario is Climate Change and the intersectional impact on human life. You will be able to offer this program to your own community at the conclusion of the training Wait to pay until you are ready to register for a specific immersion. You will have two years from the completion of your core guide training to do the immersion. This price does not include accommodation, meals nor transportation.

Other costs include payment for Self Care Experiences, which is required for Certification, and is provided by third parties. Prices range from $100 to $300. You are expected to evidence at least 2 Self Care experiences.

Tuition figures are current as of January 1, 2023 and are subject to change.


Kathie Melocco

Kathie Melocco is a humanist Chaplain, speaker and multi award winning health communications practitioner. She leads the training.

Guest Trainers

Throughout the course guest trainers share skills from meditation, to breathing, sleep hygiene, planet self care and more.

Certification Pathway

Step 1

You will start with an 8-month remote training, covering the content on live calls with the support of your trainers, fellow students, a very user friendly learning platform, many self exploration and self care connection activities that are done at home or outside. After completing this training you get a provisional certification as a Certified Self Care Trainer. To view the available trainings scroll down

Step 2

After completing month 4 you can attend a 4-day in-person immersion, for a hands-on Emergency Self Care experience with trainers and fellow students. You have two years time to complete this step. To view the available immersions click here

Step 3

After completing the 8-month remote training and the 4-day in-person immersion, you will receive your permanent certification as a WOW Self Care School Certified Trainer and be part of the largest Self Care Education Community Worldwide. 

IMPORTANT: Before you send in your application, please make sure that the
schedule for the calls works for you and your time zone. Check the detailed Schedule 

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