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Advocate trauma is a public health problem – not an individual defect. We know that community problems require community solutions. For this reason, WOW Self Care School works at every level of the spectrum of prevention to promote self-care and to prevent advocate trauma.

We provide holistic support services for individual helping professionals, educate service providers and community leaders, build individual and organizational resilience, and advocate for change to the policies, systems, and norms that keep helping professionals from accessing the help the need.

Together, we are building a movement of radical self-compassion for helping professionals everywhere.

Self Care For Health - A National Policy BluePrint

Outlines a suite if evidence-based, feasible policy proposals to support self care through health policy and practice. Developed in collaboration with a network of health, self care and policy experts.

Understanding Influences On Self Care Behaviour

Addresses the valuable role that Self Care makes to the wellbeing of individuals and to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Self Care For Health: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The World Health Organisation launches its first guideline on Self Care Interventions for Health: Sexual and Reproductive Health in June 2019.

WHO Self Cares Wins

Produced by the Global Actions On Men's Health, this reports addresses the area of men's health, urging for action on a multi-layered and systems wide basis to improve men's Self Care effectively.

Understand Trust In Self Care Behaviour

Echo Research conducted an audit to support the Self Care industry's contribution to better health and outcomes for all.

History of Self Care

The Radical History of Self Care. From Socrates to the 21st Century. Self Care is not marketing for soothing products. Learn the facts. Educate the educators.

Guidelines For Developing A Professional Self Care Program

A step by step guide for peak bodies and memberships organising whishing to implement Self Care Education

Free Tools 

Emergency Self Care Worksheets, Boundaries, Professional Supervision, Important Networks and Contacts. Your own little black book of Self Care.