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The Emergency Edition of Self Care School is a community initiative of WOW Chaplaincy. It does NOT replace health advice of Local Health Authorities and the World Health Organisation. We must all follow their instructions. Practice social distancing, self isolate as necessary and practice good hygiene. We are currently developing a detailed resources page to be of assistance to people.

Chat With A Chaplain

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Virtual Chat with Chaplain Service we are happy to schedule a Skype or Zoom virtual coffee. We talk about the weather, your hobbies, how you are coping. It is critical to stay connected so please use this free service as required.

What Is A Chaplain

Chaplains are often the quiet workers behind the scenes, caring for people in some of life's most distressing circumstances. During the COVID19 health crisis many of our services are being conducted virtually, but we are still able to help. You can read about us here.

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