WOW Self Care School is a an online 8 week experiential course in Self Care and is designed to embed positive coping skills into your daily self care practices and across your life.

It uses evidence based and trauma informed practices.

We are on a mission to teach people what Self Care actually is, come learn with us and share with your own community. 

WOW Self Care School is delivered by WOW Chaplaincy, the first humanist workplace chaplaincy in Australia.

We are all about caring for people.

The development of WOW Self Care School has been designed to compliment our First Responder services because we recognise YOU taking care of YOU is critical to a growth mindset through some of life's toughest challenges.

We are not a religious organisation, in case you were wondering. Spiritual Self Care is however fundamental to human life.

It's the short hand way of saying: we all strive for meaning and purpose to our lives. Everyone craves it, everyone has it and everyone wants to master it.

You can read about us here.

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