Lisa McAdams Shares Her Self Care Practices

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020

For busy executive Lisa McAdams, Self Care is an important part of her life given the subject matter she shares with business. It's a highly emotionally charged subject and taking time to recharge and embed the 7 Self Care pillars is something Lisa, like all of us, is constantly striving towards.

About Lisa McAdams

Lisa McAdams is the proud founder and director of Safe Space Workplace a Domestic & Family Violence Workplace Training company specialising in the implementation of Domestic Violence support training into workplaces.  Lisa's first client was EY and she has worked with some of the biggest companies and Government Departments in Australia.

As a Domestic Family Violence Survivor, with a corporate background Lisa has the knowledge and understanding of what businesses need.

Lisa is passionate about educating workplaces, so employees impacted by DFV are the offered right support because she understands the impact of financial abuse and knows continued employment is key for financial stability along with psychological and emotional well-being.

As a professional speaker she utilises her lived experience to connect and relate to the audience Lisa’s passion for changing the conversation around DFV and engaging with workplaces is at the core of all she does.   

Lisa is the author of the book Domestic Violence Changing Culture Saving Lives. A workplace guide for developing a culture of understanding and empathy.

Launched by the NSW Government and EY in 2018. This book helps workplaces to better understand the complexities of domestic and family violence, the impact on their business and the role the workplace plays in providing a safe haven or not. The book helps employers better understand the signs and symptoms of domestic  and family violence, to gain empathy and understanding, and to develop the confidence to communicate effectively.

Lisa shares her knowledge, strategies, and advice intertwined with her personal story to deepen the understanding of this complex issue. 



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