Gabbi Lancaster Art Master Class

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

We are thrilled to host Gabbi Lancaster for a mini masterclass in Self Care School. Discover art and flow with Gabbi's nourishing art and paint activities. Anyone can do it.

Gabbi Lancaster is an Australian artist living in Maroubra, Sydney with an art making practice spanning over 25 years. Her work is an expression of her love for nature.
In 2016 after learning about the Sydney light rail project and the unnecessary destruction of our environment, she was compelled to spend time with the endangered trees, painting a body of work highlighting their magnificence, beauty and vulnerability. Gabbi developed a strong connection with the ancient Moreton Bay fig trees on Anzac Parade and Randwick. She witnessed the midnight chainsaw massacres and as a consequence her art practice was transformed into an expression of peaceful activism.
Gabbi exhibits regularly and has had three solo exhibitions: TOPAZ (2018) at Aro Gallery, JADE (2016) – Dedicated to Sydney’s Moreton Bay Fig Trees and ELEMENTAL (2015) – intimate reflections of land and sea and sky, at M2 Gallery. She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, she has been a finalist in the Waverley art prize, Little Things art prize and was awarded the Mayors prize at the Trees For Life exhibition, Randwick. Her work is in private collections in Australia, Europe and USA.
“I enjoy working with no fixed outcome in mind, creating interplay between opaque and translucent layers to reveal and conceal the mysteries of what lies beneath. The imagery emerges and fades in an emotional play until the work resolves itself. Inspired by nature’s wonder and my imagination, I hope to portray the deep interconnections I feel and to express emotions beyond words... “

"During the late 80’s, I studied figurative art and anatomy at The Paddington Art School. I realised that we were learning about much more than drawing and painting. It was an awakening and deepening of perception, sensitivity, a way of being. I experienced moments, while drawing, of being in an altered state, meditative, it was spiritual and I loved that mysterious feeling. I spent thousands of hours drawing and developing. I was privileged to work for a few great teachers and artists collaborating, learning and creating."

After traveling and living overseas, studying and teaching life drawing in Barcelona, Gabbi returned to Sydney and worked as a tutor at The Paddington Art School in the late 90's. During this time and into to 2000's she also worked with a dear friend and mentor, artist, teacher and founder of 'Art for Hearts Sake', teaching life drawing. A deep and lasting interest in the teaching/learning process was sparked. 

For nearly 15 years Gabbi has been developing and facilitating art and creativity programs for children, and more recently working with adults again. In 2005 she founded the South Coogee Art Club, an after school visual art program for primary school children. Here, children are encouraged to search, imagine, observe and experiment with a variety of art forms. Gabbi has also provided professional support in visual art to primary school teachers and worked with community members on communal mural projects.


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