Breast Cancer Survivor, Nicole McMahon Shares Her Self Care Story

career self care selfcare Jan 26, 2021

Breast Cancer Survivor, Nicole McMahon, shares her bucket lists, self care and being aware of breast changes saved her life.


About Nicole McMahon

Nicole recently re-joined Telstra as Head of Federal and ACT for Telstra Enterprise.

She started her career in molecular biology/ biochemistry and medical research, focusing on prevention of cancer and immunosuppressive viruses, such as HIV.

She moved to medical and health print and television journalism and production, and then went on to develop significant business experience in the ICT sector.

 Over the past twenty+ years she held senior executive roles in Health, ICT and government industries across several disciplines, including policy, sales, marketing, leading large pursuits, chief-of-staff and strategy roles, and working closely with governments. During this time she successfully drove policy initiatives that resulted in national outcomes.

 Nicole has significant experience on large complex projects, driving company wide leadership teams, executive plans and turn-around whole of business strategic growth projects.

Most recently, Nicole was General Manager for 1800RESPECT and responsible for transformation of this important service, becoming a trusted advocate and spokesperson for this vital service that assisted those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Nicole has always worked with a strong commitment to customer focus and ensuring outcomes benefit and delight the customer. As a recent breast cancer survivor, Nicole is a passionate advocate for women’s health.

Career Highlights:

· General Manager, 1800RESPECT Medibank (on behalf of Department of Social Services)

· Chief of Staff, HP Managing Director;

· Head of Corporate Affairs- Hewlett Packard South Pacific;

· General Manager Strategy and Business Development- Government- Telstra;

· General Manager- (sales, business development and strategy) Federal “Access Card” Program across multiple businesses- Telstra

· Group Manager- Customer and Development Converged Solutions and Sales- Telstra;

· Executive Aide to Group Managing Director Business/Government- David Thodey- Telstra;

· National Marketing Manager- Health Sector- Telstra;

· Director of e-health for a business-to-government IT company;

· Medical Editor for a leading pharmaceutical industry magazine;

· Medical Journalist in television and print;

· Research Scientist/ PhD student in HIV Gene Therapy;

· Research Scientist in Immunology in the United States


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