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Enrolments in the 2020 cohort for WOW Self Care School are now open. It's an 8 week online video based course designed to kickstart your self care practices across your life. It's evidence based and uses trauma informed practices. Starts March 15, with a new module released each week for 8 weeks. Once enrolled it's free to take the course upgrades each year or, as long as WOW Self Care School is offered.

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About Self Care School 

Is an 8 week fun and highly engaging, interactive online video based education program which has been specifically designed to strengthen Self Care practices and build resilience through enhancing wellbeing. Mind. Body. Spirit. It is offered only once a year, usually commencing in early March.

Self Care School integrates rehabilitation methodologies to assist recovery from workplace psychological injuries such as sexual harassment, bullying and can also help those impacted by Domestic and Family Violence rebuild their lives.

Perhaps you have been impacted by illness, burnout, compassion fatigue, then Self Care School may be for you.

Think of Self Care School like an online peer support group with practical lessons and tips to take action on together. You will have the benefit of a confidential online 'nurture group' who are all working through the course too.

The program also brings the latest theories and methodologies from the world of positive psychology combined with evidence based knowledge and skills to improve emotional wellbeing.

*Self Care School is not an alternative to good psychological therapy and we encourage you to discuss if this course may be helpful for you with your own treating therapist, if you are currently being supported.

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Evidence Based

Self Care School debunks the mumbo jumbo and myths around self care and teaches in bite size chucks how to build a resilient life using the 7 pillars of Self Care: Physical, Career, Community, Spiritual, Social, Financial and Planet.

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Trauma Informed

Self Care School follows the five guiding principles of trauma-informed care. These are safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment. Ensuring that the physical and emotional safety of an individual is addressed is the first important step to providing Trauma Informed care. 

Learn About The Curriculum

Want to know more? Learn about the Self Care Curriculum. Self Care School encourages self-directed change. This means we explain why many of us fail to embed healthy, daily self care practices into our lives and how YOU can master meaningful, enjoyable and even challenging Self Care practices that enriches your life and builds what we call a resilience shield, to bounce back when the going gets tough. It is all about flourishing. And did I tell you Self Care School is fun too!

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The benefits to YOU of Self Care School

Self-Care School is structured around seven essential dimensions of wellness; the physical, the social, career, community, spiritual, financial and planet. Self-Care is about more than looking and feeling good; it involves nurturing every aspect of yourself - mind, body and spirit. I like to think of the dimensions of self-care and wellness like a car. Each part of a car plays a vital role in the overall functioning of the vehicle. If any part of the car is broken or malfunctioning - for example the brakes wear out - the car becomes unstable, and it cannot function the way it was intended to. Sure, you can continue to drive your car when your brakes need work, but eventually you'll run the risk of doing serious damage to yourself and your car.

Like a car in need of work, we can 'get by' and still function while only attending to some dimensions of wellness, but that choice comes with downsides. To ensure that we keep running smoothly we need periodic tune-ups, and we'd be wise not to ignore any warning signals that an area of our life needs attention. Just like we wouldn't purchase a brand-new car and drive it around for years without ever taking it for a routine oil change and maintenance, our bodies, minds, and spirits require the same level of upkeep, Self Care gives you the time and space to put your attention on what Self Care means for you and to then put into practice positive habit forming rituals that benefits your own health and wellbeing. In short, it puts you in the drivers seat.

What You Get

  • SELF CARE VIDEO: Each week you’ll receive Self Care video designed to build on your knowledge of the seven self care plinths: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community, Spiritual and Planet. Each weekly challenge and homework is graded, so you start small and gradually progress. You will end up with your own personal self care plan and an emergency self care plan too. The Key is awareness of the why, from a holistic perspective and then action.
  • THEORY VIDEO: Education is key! So each week we’ll receive a new educational video, starting with “Self Care Explained” in Week 1, then moving on to our 7 Core Principles for plinths during the next 7 Weeks.
  • DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE or FEATURE EMAIL: Over the 8 weeks you’ll receive 7 downloadable resources to help motivate and educate you on your journey, as well as set your goals and track your progress.
  • MEET THE TALENT: Each week you’ll be introduced to one of our star Self Care talents who will help guide you through the self care videos.
  • MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: We’ve handpicked some weekly motivating quotes along with some words of thought provoking inspiration to help you on your journey.
  • MOTIVATING STORY: What motivates more than a story of someone who has done it before? Each week you’ll meet a Self Care Tribe member who has already completed Self Care School and is now living with Self Care as the foundation to their life!
  • WEEKLY REVIEW EMAIL: What you need to do right this minute to get started. While this video also contains an overview, this is where you get your very first set of action items. It’s time for you to take some time to try the recommended exercises and homework.

As part of this course, you'll receive:

Weekly Self Care Videos

Weekly video lessons and motivation to help guide you through the weekly course materials and to understand how to use Self Care in your life and improve it!

Weekly Education Webinars Weekly webinars to educate and empower you with the background theory and science and how this program will help you embed self care as a positive habit in your life.

Regular Emails

Regular emails will help keep you on track, motivated and creating change for a lasting transformation.

Group and Online Coaching

Group and individual* online coaching with a WOW Self Care Instructor ensures you’ll have the support, tailoring and guidance you need! * note this will not be available until the September 2020 cohort.

Questions answered by Kathie Melocco

Have your questions answered by the founder of WOW Self Care School, Kathie Melocco

Self Care Tribe Membership

You are automatically in, when you enrol into Self Care School which is a lifestyle solution designed to support you in the ‘long game.’ Join hundreds of other Self Carers who also want to live a life of purpose and fulfilment!

*Individual Online Coaching

Get access to a Self Care School trained instructor who can work with you to personalise your Self Care program, support you and help you exceed your expectations while doing the program!

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Select the payment option that suits you best and reserve your place at Self Care School 2020. Starts March 15, 2020. All attendees can retake Self Care School each subsequent year for free with the appropriate yearly upgrades. It's a great way to kick starts your Self Care practice each year. See you in the course.

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