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WOW Self Care School is a personal development program designed to support good Mental Health. We teaches Self Care life skills. Evidence based. Trauma informed.

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As we cautiously reopen businesses and build our 'new normal', Self Care and mental health is now a focus for everyone. It is important to take the time to plan your own Emergency Self Care strategies for difficult days. We want busy executives to stay well. By taking the time to plan ahead you have a 'go to strategy' for staying well.

If you haven't yet undertaken the Emergency Edition of Self Care School there is still time to enrol. It's FREE and is our gift to our community during Covid-19.

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About Self Care School

Self Care School is a video based 8 week online personal development training program designed to teach and embed healthy Self Care practices for life. A good start is also understanding the social determinants of health and the role of mother earth in human health and wellbeing. Self Care School uses trauma informed practices.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Self Care School is a fun, nurturing community of people who bi annually come together to explore meaning, purpose and connection. We focus on the holistic connection of people and planet to health and wellbeing.

Evidence Based Self Care Tools

There's lots of mumbo jumbo about Self Care out there. Self Care School debunks the myths and shares evidence based tools around the seven core pillars of wellbeing: Social Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing, Community Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Planet Wellbeing and Career Wellbeing.

Self Care School Starts September 13, 2020









Frequently Asked Questions

All About Self Care School

Self Care School is suitable for anyone interested in learning and maximising their own Self Care. However, we find the program best suits three core groups:

1. The Helping Professions – keen to take a refresher in their own Self Care, and looking for a valuable Self Care tool to recommend to their patients and clients.

2. High Achieving Business People who crave something more in life and are looking for meaning and purpose. You possibly have been through a tough time of late and know that your own Self Care needs attention and Self Love.

3. Advocates and Activists who are actively involved in social justice issues such as Domestic and Family Violence, Climate Change, Gender Equity, Patient Activism and more.

Self Care School is held each year during March and September. It is an 8 week video based online training program with a new module released each week.

The next cohort for WOW Self Care School is September 2020. This year we feature a special Self Care planet module as we work to bring awareness to the unique role people and planet has to our wellbeing.

There are 8 modules in the Self Care Curriculum. The modules are video based, with powerpoint handouts, audio recordings and additional resources for each module. Homework is included each week to ensure you taste test the Self Care practices that might work for you.

The total cost is $1600 for the program. WOW Self Care School is a personal development program.

Yes we do offer payment plans. You can choose to pay the full amount upon registration or, opt for a payment plan consisting of 12 equal payments spread over 12 months. Access to Self Care Schools is for life or as long as the program is delivered. So you can take the program every year if you wish with new upgrades and challenges.

We recognise that some people wishing to attend Self Care School may be experiencing hardship caused by traumatic experiences such as Domestic and Family Violence, workplace bullying and of course the disruption to lives by COVID-19. Please reach out to us if you would like to attend and are experiencing financial difficulty. You will be required to evidence your circumstances so that we can assist genuine vulnerable communities.

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See what Advocates and Activists, Helping Professionals and YOU are doing for their own self care. WOW Self Care Tribe is our membership based community. Get tips, motivation and inspiration to start your Self Care journey here.

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